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Anod Tech Sdn. Bhd

Job Title

Document Controller, QMS and EHS (Anod Tech Sdn. Bhd.)

Job Description

  • Document Management: Manage and maintain an organized and controlled document management system for all documents related to quality, environmental, health, and safety regulations, including policies, procedures, records, and compliance documentation.
  • Document Review and Approval: Facilitate the review and approval process for QMS and EHS documents. Ensure that documents are reviewed by relevant personnel, updated when necessary, and approved for use.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure that QMS documents are designed to support quality control, and EHS documents are designed to support safety and environmental compliance.
  • Safety Equipment: Ensure that safety equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and first aid supplies are available and properly maintained. Manage the procurement and distribution of safety equipment.
  • Documentation: Maintain accurate safety records and documentation, including incident reports, safety training records, and safety policies and procedures.

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