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Anod Tech Sdn. Bhd

Job Title

NPI Engineer (Anod Tech Sdn. Bhd.)

Job Description

  • Project Management: NPI engineers oversee and collaborate with Marketing team to lead the entire product introduction process, from initial concept to final production. They create and manage project timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure products are introduced on schedule and within budget.
  • Prototype Development: Coordinate the creation of prototypes to test and validate the design. This may involve selecting the right materials and manufacturing processes to build functional prototypes. To follow up and validate the effectiveness of the new tool development and sample development.
  • Process Development: Work on developing the refining the optimized manufacturing processes. This includes selecting the appropriate manufacturing methods, tooling, jigs and fixtures. Optimize these processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks and challenges in the NPI process and develop contingency plans to address them.

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