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Company Name

Grille Tech Sdn. Bhd

Job Title

Senior Executive Production (Grille Tech Sdn. Bhd.)

Job Description

  • Production executive responsible in determining the best use of resources to meet production goals, at the same time, improving the effectiveness of manufacturing processes.
  • Responsible for Cycle time/WIP Days/Output/Shipment/Quality/ Productivity related metrics.
  • Work with Production team to define execution/action-plan to meet goals.
  • Attend team meetings to discuss about production status and ongoing problems.
  • Work with Engineers and Operational Analyst to improve productivity of resources, reducing waste.
  • Work collaboratively with Engineering to ensure ramp-readiness of new product releases.
  • Implement action to prevent occurrence of any nonconformists relating to product, process and quality system through appropriate quality tools.
  • Investigate problems, analyze root causes and define resolutions.
  • Represent production team in cross functional improvement programs and work collaboratively with Engineering/Equipment Engineering in the PMT (Process Management Team) structure to drive continual manufacturing improvement.
  • Responsible for development/training plan of shift crew.
  • Drive the Small Group Activities (SGA) to improve throughput, quality and 6S through ground level engagement.
  • Work with other production managers to maximize total throughput and maintain seamless hand-shake of action-plan.
  • Support company certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO14001 and work actively with improving those areas.
  • To be responsible for maintaining good housekeeping 5S, proper teamwork .
  • Coordination between all other department in achieving the compliance the company‚Äôs Quality, Environmental & Occupational, Health & Safety Management System.

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