LYPO Design Lab

At the forefront of our operations is the LYPO Design Lab. Here, our dedicated team of experts leverage years of experience and cutting-edge technology to develop and refine unique designs. The Lab is where ideas are transformed into tangible, effective solutions that fit our clients’ needs perfectly.

LYPO Metal Mastery

Our Metal Mastery solution encompasses all aspects of metal fabrication, bringing together precision and quality consistency. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to create, design, and manufacture metal components that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

LYPO Plastics Mastery

LYPO’s Plastics Mastery solution offers comprehensive services in the domain of plastics manufacturing and plastic injection. Our commitment to perfection ensures we deliver components of superior quality and precision.

LYPO Precision Works

Accuracy is key in manufacturing, and LYPO Precision Works guarantees just that. Our focus on high precision engineering ensures that every component we manufacture is precise, robust, and reliable.

LYPO Surface Solutions

The right finishing touches can make all the difference. LYPO Surface Solutions offers an comprehensive array of finishing services including anodizing, ED coating, Zinc plating, powder coating, paint spraying and more, We ensure that each product is aesthetically pleasing with superior quality in finishing.

LYPO Assure Tech

Quality is a promise we don’t take lightly. With LYPO Assure Tech, we provide exhaustive quality assurance processes and solutions that maintain the highest standards of quality, allowing us to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

LYPO Automation

LYPO Automation is dedicated to the design and development of industrial automation systems, catering to customers across diverse industries including medical and semiconductor. Our expertise in automation empowers our clients to drive productivity and minimize or eliminate the reliance on manual labor, enabling them to achieve higher efficiency and operational excellence.

LYPO Assembly

LYPO Assembly offers comprehensive sub and full assembly services to customers seeking end-to-end solutions for their product development and production needs. From initial concept to the final product, we provide a seamless and integrated approach to ensure a smooth and efficient assembly process.

LYPO Opto-Electronics Engineering

LYPO opto-electronics engineering provides full range to design, evaluate and develop the spectral analysis systems, thickness measurement metrology and the fabrication of related framework as complete unit. Partnership with the most renowned spectrometer’s brands from USA, Europe and Singapore, LYPO strives to offer the most comprehensive modular spectroscopy solutions.

LYPO Industrial Engineering Solutions

LYPO’s industrial engineering solution aims to provide the premium air filtration & dust collector solutions, mechanical & electrical engineering solutions, clean room facilities, central chiller water air conditioning system & central monitoring system. With one stop engineering solutions from conceptual design, fabrication, technical expertise, and regulatory compliance advisory, LYPO commits to create a greener & better working environment.